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Books - this is the thread that connects generations. Everything that has ever happened in the world, described in the books. Each step, each rise and fall. In studying books, study and will learn always. There is nothing in the world more important than the book. Perhaps a little grandiloquent statement, but the fact remains. If in a moment destroy all the books in the world, we are waiting for the end of the world. Not physically, spiritually. Books do not just teach us when and how to act. How to hammer a nail and grow grapes. Books - this is spiritual food. This is a positive emotion that we receive every day in unlimited quantities. Books - a healer of the soul. Reading relieves stress, draws people from depression, normalizes mental state. Book returns a taste for life to those who have long lost. In the world you can find a replacement for practically everything - and the movies, and music, and pictures, and a cozy home. There are no replacement, and it is unlikely it will ever appear. If you do not agree with us, most of all, you do not read books. Then, we strongly recommend that you try. The book - it is a good drug that is addictive and does not let go. Inspired by reading one day, you will be required more and more. You start to get real pleasure from reading. Believe me - it is neither an incomparable feeling.